Bank Of America - Phishing Scam

Scammer "email: [email protected]
Scammer website:
Any other scammer information:

Account Security Verification.

For your security, your online banking account has been limited due to your regular and you need to verify your identity before you can continue using your account.
Please log into your account and provide the requested information in order to verify your identity and secure your account at once.

To confirm and activate your account.


I reported phishing site to b of a…but it’s still up and running.

Yes, @Cali4niya I do that too when I get these.

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I just reported the page to Cloudflare.

I also threw in random useless data and got additional URLs:

I reported those too, though it’s kind of moot since if they don’t receive any data from the previous page, they’ll redirect to the first in the chain

Fake b of a site is still active. I reported to Namesilo. Hope that helps to take it down.