Bank Refund scam 1-855-890-4775

typical ‘we want to refund you for 399 dollars but if you don’t call us you’ll get billed again’ scam. They don’t say WHAT bank they’re with, but its apparently for malware removal which… what bank offers that? xD

The scammer company is PC Solutions. Then he hung up. But the number is active.

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They’ve gone from calling 4 times a day to not at all. You guys are godsends.

My IT guy from where I used to live before I moved named his service PC Solutions, but I knew him well and he is definitely not a scammer. He was great at what he did and charged us a reasonable amount that the fake Microsoft tech scammer got mad when I told him that, “No way am i going to pay $399 to fix my computer when my regular guy can do the same thing for much less. And he’ll actually come to my house.” LOL.