Block the black screen on teamviewer?

How do you block team viewer from making your screen black?

I have never done this, but I looked it up. Here is a link that migh thelp: display - TeamViewer without showing the screen? - Super User

I think he wants to know how to stop teamviewer from doing this. I think the only way is clicking “no” when TeamViewer asks if you want to install the “TeamViewer Monitor Driver”. If the connected scammer clicks this too fast or if he has disabled your input, you can alternatively go to TeamViewer -> Extras -> Options -> Advanced -> Access Control -> Confirm Everything
If you do this, you will be asked every time when the scammer tries to do something over TV. (You may have to do this before the scammer connects)

Alright thanks that is what I needed to know, I want them to only think it is black.

Hi y´all,

If a scammer succeeded in turning your screen black, you can always click “Ctrl - Alt - DEL”. This will bring your screen back.

Windows commands are always the higher priority!

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