Can I call scammers from Austria?

Hello community,

I was wondering if I can use the numbers you guys post here to call scammers from austria, but I’m curious if they will even try so scam me when they see that my location is not USA. Can I troll them even if I’m not in the USA?

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Scammers do not have a preference on who they lie and steal from. I think you should be able to scam bait just fine from down under. cheers.


Try an app like Skype or similar where you can get a specific number for anywhere in the world, I think Skype charge for it but there’s lots of other apps available which can give you a one time number for free, it’s been quite a long time since I last used anything like that so I couldn’t recommend one for you, sorry, but I’m sure someone here might be able to give you a good recommendation or just a little bit of searching should find something good enough :+1:
Although I agree that most scammer won’t care where you’re from so chances are you’ll hook them without that mess :rofl:

This is most definitely a scambait question, moving this to the right topic.

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Thank you for the replies and sorry for the wrong topic. This is my first post on this forum

I guess I will try Make A Call | PopTox to call them.

Wish you all a nice day!