Cancel Computer Services 817-775-3517


The will cancel your computer services (refund) by connecting to your computer using Supremo. Check out their web form!!

Could this really be legit?


I’m just here to say that the scammer and I had a nice little chat that went on for about 5 mins and he left feeling slightly aroused or creeped out, I couldn’t quite tell. Either way I managed to waste his time with an errotic phone call. I used my Loli voice approach and at the end when he started getting frustrated I dropped my voice back to normal and he got real surprised abd said “Woah erm, okay sir you have a nice day.” He hasn’t picked up my phone calls since. :3


I just reported the site to Webs. given their excellent track record with handling scam sites, it should be down in only a matter of hours.

until then, the site does have a link to a bullshit Google form at


Yes! I noticed that form lol. Someone could really spam them using that form.

They said they were the windows firewall department. I told them my wall is on fire and asked them to fix the problem. They got real mad and started cursing after this!

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the email address associated with their Splashtop is [email protected]

When I called I spoke to an Allen Parker; he directed me to - Supremo; then to - once on the VM his IP address was found to be bogus (most likely Windscribe :roll_eyes:) Then after the accidental $4000 into my bank instead of $400 Got the call from “Mike Wilson” (210) 988-6816‬ direct line He downloaded ALL my pictures and tried to syskey me when I called him out on it. But THANK GOD for Scambait club and that cool looking tool - wasted 1hr 10mis - but couldn’t delete the files because supremo… His supremo is 776593170 - hopefully someone can figure that out :slight_smile: