Car insurance scammers

Car insurance scammers. Everyone I talked to sounded like they were from the states. Definitely a scam though . .

this is a real company DO NOT CALL

Many reports point to this as a scum/scam company, most the reports claim they are left the same msg from someone named “jeanette” and when they call back and question them abt the company and such they will say bye and hangup.

" got the same voicemail from Jeanette. I called back amd they were trying to sell me an extended warranty for my vehicle that doesn’t have a warranty. When I asked how I can extend a warranty I don’t have, she insisted I give her my info to proceed with the call. She refused to answer my questions. I repeated that it didn’t make sense to extend a warranty that I don’t have. She then said goodbye. SCAM!"

“Is Jeanette calling from the vehicle coverage department in regards to your inquiry for a vehicle service coverage please give me a call back at your earliest convenience toll-free at 877-225-8918 once again this is Jeanette with the vehicle coverage department and you can call me back at 877-225-8918 anytime between 9 AM and 6 PM Central standard Time Monday through Friday again my number is 877-225-8918 I look forward to hearing from you thanks goodbye…” BS. Found it interesting that she called twice in a row before leaving a voicemail. Bogus.”

“Jennette called from vehicle coverage department in regards to your increase in vehicle coverage. They didn’t like it when I asked them where they got my number from. Said she did not know where marketing got my number from. Put me on hold and never came back. Don’t give them any info and especially no credit card information or personal info.”

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Oh sorry they just sounded very sincere with their legitness, they told me they were RED Auto Protection

I just got of the phone with the GM after trying to call them out on some BS that were said in the call. They say they are RED Auto Protection and I was on their website… RED Auto Protection is BBB Acredited Buisness, and not in a cheap just JPEG way, but links to… I don’t know about this one actually

Hope it makes sense, I’m not american myself so this is kinda out of my place to say anything

i got a call from one yesterday (different people) but it was apparently associated with the bbb as well. i gave them a fake name and what not…went through all of the steps, and then after they wanted my card info I asked why they needed my name. i told them that i gave them a fake name so theres no way they were legit…immediately disconnected the number. they were from the US also. Id just be careful and stay aware. Their number wont work for any of my numbers still lol.

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I know that this is a really old post, but these guys are my latest scam baiting target. (Though I cannot call them directly.) Unfortunately what people are doing are claiming to be a company, and wanting to sell you a warranty/insurance on your car. And so those of us who are diligent, will look up said company name, and find that lo, and behold!!! they are BBB accredited with TOP ratings. But actually if you look a little further and find a way to contact that ACTUAL company, they will tell you that they don’t cold call their customers. They do sell warranties on vehicles, but you have to initiate business with them. So unfortunately these scammers that DO cold call you, are just going to steal your money, AND give the actual legit company a bad name at the same time. I have seen too many people on forums calling the wrong company back and giving them all sorts of hell when they are not the scammers. Seems to be more of an American scam, though a few of the “warm up” scammers as I like to call them, have had accents.