Car Warranty Scam Numbers

I get at least 10 calls every day from a spoofed number for Car Warranty Scam. Finally last week they called me and left a voicemail with a number to call back as well as this morning. To my surprise both of the numbers work. I have been calling the first number for about a week now, although it has been having me on hold for awhile. The 2nd number works like a charm and pretty quick at answering. I would suggest blocking your number when calling them or use a spoofed number because my one spoofed number, they blocked it. So when I call it says the number I called is no longer available or something like that, but I used another spoofed number and blocked my number so they couldn’t block me again it works great.

Phone # 1: 888-206-5330
Phone # 2: 254-237-6793