Cashapp Scam 518-425-9919

Phone Number of Scammer : 518-425-9919

Details Regarding Scammer (Type of Scammer) : Cashapp Support Scam -

TFN - 518-425-9919


Just callwd them, wated some of their time… What can be done better to annoy them?


Get a group of people to overload their phones for an hour or two and they usually give up for the day annoyed.

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These guys are back with a new number

Cashapp Support Scam 585-534-2018

i want to annoy those mofos
how to

My sister got scammed out of $1010 from this scam. Our bank gave her this number. They called back from another number ‭(916) 888-6576‬. I called that number and it went to voicemail and said it was a Text Now number. The Cash app usernames the money was sent to were $anneBella221 and $nicole0018.

This is the new phone number which these cashapp scammers are using

+1 (518) 627-5794

We need tools brothers, what this forum really lacks is the knowledge and collection of tools. Like how do I reverse connect to the scammer… Does anyone know?

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They got a new number - +1 (914) 266-3422