Common ground

So this # (872) 219-3107, I just called. they have been scamming me for a while and I finally, had a legitimate conversation with one of the guys. hes a young kid and wants to be a chef, so I asked him, why is he doing this he says he cant make money doing other things. and i said well you will make more doing it the legal way than scamming people. and he agreed and I really hope he will consider my advise and stop scamming people. I doubt it but its funny because these guys honestly think they are making a living doing this stuff.

Have any of you smart people ever actually talk to them and started a conversation? and asked why they do this and what makes them see the benefits of scamming people? not sticking up for them by any means. but they are so dumb they don’t understand that they can make way more if they put there efforts into something that matters.

I have. Once I had a really wholesome conversation about life with a scammer.