Court Summons Scammers

Scammer number:205-418-9162, 659-246-4985
Scammer website:didn’t give a chance to provide it
Any other scammer information:

Just received call from the 205 number. I have family in the listed city and state so I answered it. The Indian fellow asked for me by name. I told them it wasn’t me. They gave me my correct SSN and address and said the courts were having difficulties contacting me for a summons. I’ve had zero police contact in decades so there is no chance it’s legit.

I asked who he was calling for. He says I don’t even know who you are. I responded: we don’t give out personal information over the phone, especially not to some Ben Chode scammer and hung up.

He then called back on the 659 number as I don’t have VM setup he wasn’t able to leave a message


Looks like the second number is a multi-scam number, TV deals, airline deals, hotels, vacations, etc.


The second number, picks up like an answering machine that says “Hello”, then beeps…

Update: Got through to the airline, the guy is a dumb ass…. I told him I wanna fly from LAX to Russia…. Then I told him I wanna get there right away… “I gotta kill me some Krauts…. He then asks me if it’s a one way or return flight… I told him one way, I’m not sure if I’m coming back, I gotta go kill me some Krauts. He asks for a card, I tell him cash…. He then directs me to goto the airline, I ask him what about gift cards?…. He says no, I then ask him if he has a CVS or Walmart in Kolkata, he says no……

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