Courtney Cash from credit loan center called me πŸ™„ (872) 282-2042

Scammer number:(872) 282-2042
Second number provided: (888) 681-1436

Any other scammer information:

the voicemail they left said this β€œHi, it’s Courtney cash from credit loan center. My phone number is 888-681-1436. I was giving you a call to let you know we have your pre, approval ready for the advantage program were able to get you approved for up to $55,000 so give me a call back so we can go over the details with you and again my phone number is 888-681-1436 and you can go ahead and speak with me or anyone of the other representatives to finalize your approval. If you have a wonderful day and I look forward to talking to you soon to be added to our do not call list call 888-525-1067.”