Covid financial support scam, canada

Got this text in the middle of the night

Covid-19 Financial Support.

Visit link below to receive financial help.


lol, I put my details as 123 and I got accepted lmfao!

No doubt this is a scam, unless there really is a Mr. Hugh Jardon with a SIN that matches one from here:


It only seems to want you to access it on a mobile device. It went through the steps on the PC and it gave an error message about needing to be on a mobile device so I connected on a (fake) Android phone instead.

It’s obviously harvesting bank logon details without much effort to check their validity - it accepted an email address of [email protected] and a password of benchod123, for example as the logon for a bank. If you go through the steps, it wants a scary amount of personal information like SIN, card PIN numbers, mother’s maiden name etc.

Whois information:

Contact information for web host:

Email sent to [email protected] to hopefully get the site taken down.

It’s already being flagged on Chrome by google safe browsing, so that’s good.

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it’s also already flagged by Microsoft SmartScreen.

this is fast work considering the domain was registered less than 24 hours ago according to URLVoid

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