Craigslist Check Fraud Scam

So here is a cool story.

Was selling my violin online on multiple platforms and got an email saying they wished to buy the violin off of Craigslist.

However, they wanted to send a check, to which I said I would take only a cashier check or certified check…

Low and behold, they sent a fraud check through the mail and none of the information linked to the check is correct. They demanded that I send them proof of the check being deposited. If you didn’t respond quick enough they would capitalize their messages and leave “threatening” voicemails saying they will call the FBI and have me arrested for taking their money.

Here is the kicker. They sent a $2000 dollar check to purchase a $250 dollar violin…they wanted me to withdraw the remaining amount for a couple of “movers” who were “picking up” some “valuable items” in the “same area”.

Long story short, got my account over drafted and a fee applied for a returned check.

Here’s the dude’s number:


His name is Tony :woman_shrugging: