Credit Card - Lower Your Interest Rate Scam


I got a call that was blocked by my Spam / Scam Killer software app on my phone. I called it just out of curiosity - the phone # is 1-800-945-2000. Weird thing is it appears as if the phone # is legit ( I could be wrong ) but the recording was definitely the same as those phony " call now to lower your credit card interest rates". Anyways, if anyone wants to do some further investigation feel free to do so.

Signed - Cyber-Dragon

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Sounded like a real company. They said chase bank but I googled the number of chase credit card customer service, and it isn’t the same number. The person said the number that I did dial. Sounded like a spammer and I asked her name and she just gave me her first name Ryan, and didn’t say last. Couldn’t tell where she worked, state or other wise. If it’s a true number, oops. If it’s a spammer, try did a hell of a job.

It’s now just a robot that asks for your credit card number. I think they’re trying to seem legitimate, because it says press the pound key if your card has been lost, stolen or damaged.

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