Credit card scam with text.

Scammer number: 8018768683
Any other scammer information: i have a fake cc that I’ve given out to scammers before and i got a call saying it was used in California for apple something and then gave them the fake number they already had. They tried to use it for something and saw it was fake. Turns out they run a dispute scam where they charge you and get the money and you can go dispute it and get the money back. I also realized that i got this text from the same scammers last month on my dummy number. Your credit card was declined

An attempted transaction using your Key

Bank Card was declined amount

$2090.21 ICP Smart Services in ABU


Date: 02/21/2023

If you don’t recognize this transaction.

Contact us immediately on this (801)


number if you believe that unauthorized


have been made.

If you guys wanna have fun with them i say have at it i guess that number has been active for a month and i didn’t even know it. If you guys need help with fake cc’s to give to them let me know.

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