Deleting non-refund/tech support scammers

hello everyone,
Anydex had been really effictive for many years for hitting back at scammers. However, I am looking for a script to use when talking to telegram crypto/trading scammers in order to convince them to use anydex in the first place and then continue with the rest of the script used in normal refund/tech support scams.
I would prefer discord in order to prevent any abuses of that

There is really no reason for those types of scammers to go on your computer, though. Trying to lure them on to your computer will probably just tip them off. I have seen a few scambaiters trick those guys into trying to get their payments from automated nightmare systems, but it probably takes a significant amount of technical skill to set something like that up.

Maybe you say something like “I’m interested in X but I can’t get X to work on my computer, can you help? My grandson set up this software where he can do computer support. Can you connect and help me buy X?”

But I’m not sure it would work. You would have to sound old and rich for them to bother.