Different Spectrum Scammers 855-609-9949 they are quick to block

Scammer number: 855-609-9949
Scammer website: na
Any other scammer information: These guys are different from the ones we have been enjoying abusing the last few months, the inital menu is the same when you call in, hit any number then the hold music is different and they have a woman’s voice talking about the partnership between spectrum and target, what makes this scum even worse is that they try to double the scam at the end by saying the gift cards numbers you supplied are the “old series” and not availabel for the promotion, this is after you give them the card number (in my case un activated card numbers ) but they will refund them to you but go get two more target gift cards right now. I am sure some pople fall for this. it is awful, after they get the gift card number and if you get mad about the new series they just leave you on hold or block you, ver cold thieves, scum they prentd to be so nice, they don’t dive too deep, they have the data breach info and can verify an account but they sometimes don’t, I’ve run them through their entire script a couple of times now.

here is a copy of the email they sent me:

Dear Valued Customer,

Account Holder: Scott redacted

Services Address: redacted

Congratulations on signing up with special offer with Spectrum services promotion on your monthly bill. This promotion is sponsored by “Target”. This is a contract-free offer for 4 years, with a fixed monthly bill of $84.99 (Including taxes and services charges). To get this discounted offer on your Spectrum account, you have to credit your account for 08 months, which will be $680. After that, the rest of the remaining 42 months you have to pay a flat bill of $84.99 /month. You have to make this first upfront payment by using “Target Gift Cards”. After that you can choose any payment method to pay your remaining monthly bills via Credit card, Debit card, send us check or set up your auto payment mode. If you activate this promotion by today and pay your upfront amount within first 100 minutes, you will be eligible to get a $100 Visa reward card as a complimentary gift on a same day payment & 2 months free services. Your promotion code is (STV-4341).

For further details, call the Billing & Finance department of Spectrum at +1 855 609 9949 EXT 1 for the billing desk.

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There very angry Benchods…… the just swear at me in Hindi then hang up ……

Did you get blocked quickly? These guys are the worst garbage.

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I got about 5-6 calls through per number, before I got blocked….i have 9 numbers I use…