Digitech Web Resources

Hey all, new member here. I wanted to see if anyone had heard of an email survey from Digitech Web Resource saying that it’s a survey by a major credit card company? They use the correct name of the credit card company but the logo isn’t correct. It’s for a $50 gift card if you reply to a survey about banking. Thank you ahead of time.

i see it’s been awhile but i just found this site when googling DigiTech web resources. i got an email about doing a survey for CVS and thought it seemed because it seems like something like that should come from CVS, not some random company, so im doing a lil research. it’s obviously a scam. i got some emails about a month ago that claimed to be from capital one and said if I complete a survey the reward was $50, but the logo didn’t look quite right. i didn’t bother paying attention to the name of the company sending those emails but it sounds like these guys too…

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