Does anyone have a working re-download for Msinfo32 on Windows 7 pro?

So I was trying to use this fake Msinfo, but it backfired & now I don’t have one, and it’s a dead giveaway when Msinfo does not work.

So does anyone know where I can download a working msinfo32.exe for Windows 7 pro ??

You are doing this in a VM, yes? I always keep a baseline copy of the set up vm that I can restore to, and/or VM snapshots for the same.

Here is the Win 10 version - it might work in Win 7 Microsoft OneDrive - Access files anywhere. Create docs with free Office Online.

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Are you using Win7 as your host? If so, you can copy msinfo32 from your host to your VM using 2 methods:
Drag and drop (can be very annoying as sometimes for some reason it doesn’t work)
ISO (Use a folder or file to ISO program and make an ISO, then insert the iso to your VM.