Dog Breeder Scam: (509) 266 8273 and (562) 474 2154

Hey, Y’all!

I am from the US and I just got scammed out of $2000 for a new “puppy”. The ad online said the puppies where in our state but turned out to be in Washington. Turns out there is no puppy and its an animal transport scam. The scammers gave me a random lady’s license and everything. I am contacting police to figure out what can be done. They act as a shipping company that transfers dogs.

The website:
Names: Tracy Lanthrop and a Linda
Email: [email protected]
Address: (the supposed seller) 804 Ferry St, Wenatchee WA 08801-3403

If someone can do something to help us like take them down that would be nice. The websites all their ads (if you look up the 509 # many ads come through). I didn’t realize that this was a scam so please help in anyway you can.