DOT scammer

Someone is masquerading as the Department of Transportation and is either calling or sending letters to elderly residents in my area that they need to complete a “biennial update” or end up paying $1,000-$10,000. The phone number is 855-368-7233. Website is and the letter lists an email address as [email protected]

It’s funny their website says they take calls Monday thru Friday from a certain time to a certain time, but they answered super early morning on a Saturday. I selected option 4.

We should be thankful to support team of instead considering funny, if they are providing good support to their customers. Stop calling other companies scammer… It happens, competitors usually try to ruin the reputation of well established companies while putting such defamatory content.

Are you saying DOT Service is a legitimate company?

note: It looks like the website is originating at [ ] in San Jose.

It should be noted that the local sheriff’s department was warning residents that this is a fraudulent company. The Department of Motor Vehicle Services also confirms this. For some reason they don’t have the jurisdiction to take action.

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