Dumb Scammers 1 (818) 492-9017

Scammer number: 1 (818) 492-9017
Scammer website: https://mcomfix.org/ / https://96ds1.m3324.loginlink2.site:8443/guest
Fake service they are refunding:
Any other scammer information:
These scammers block VERY fast!

There’s another scammer using this mcomfix site. It’s linked from their fake Weebly site under ‘Server 1 and Server 2’.
Here’s the Weebly site…which has been reported:

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This crypto scammer number seems to be going to the same call center 860-577-2557

$455 BTC charge

Scammers VULTR server is DOWN!

  • ip:“”,

  • hostname:“”,

  • city:“Piscataway”,

  • region:“New Jersey”,

  • country:“US”,

  • loc:“40.4993,-74.3990”,

  • org:“AS20473 The Constant Company, LLC”,

  • postal:“08854”,

  • timezone:“America/New_York”,

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lol, Did you by chance have anything to do with that :chicken: :chicken:

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