Dummy refund scammers - (281) 436-4839

So I may or may not have deleted his files XD

Number: (281) 436-4839

Msg they leave:
Welcome to Microsoft support team this is to remind you that your computer security subscription movie auto renewed there will be auto deduction of $199.00 from your bank account to avoid auto deduction and get a refund of 199 dollars please call us at 112-8143 thicks 4839 I repeat 128143 thicks 4839 thank you.

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I just called it and they literally picked up instantly it didn’t even ring lmao

Yep, it didn’t even ring once. and they were quick with their line. If I had a call flooder, I would destroy them.

I called them again. 3 rings and a scammer picks up. I was trying my best to talk like an old lady and the scammer is like “what’s your name” and stuff. I said Barbara and he bought it. If you can call them back tell them you’re Barbara.

P.S. I am pretty sure I didn’t sound like an old woman

UPDATE: Now they keep hanging up lmao. They pick up for a second and I can hear those faggots scamming other people. I’ll bombard them with calls.

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Called them… He immediately picked up and said “Yo” “Hello, this is microsoft, like the real company” and then I just started dicking with him and asked him if his mother was a goat.