Ebay Scammer nearly got me

Hello Everybody!

I was selling a Samsung Galaxy S9+ (that I bought legit trough Amazon) and a guy was texting me on eBay Hey Whats app: and yh he wanted to buy it instant. I wanted 350 EUR, and he wanted to give me 400 EUR. So I said Paypal he was like no don’t have an account lets do bank Transfer: So i give him my E mail and a bank texted me It’s called : Kindom Bank UK it seems legit for me but i googled then the Address and name he gave me and i found out that it’s Blacklisted as a Scam. So i got one number i wanna share its an US number but this guy is from Nigeria so guys please be careful when you see this address and name.

27 maplehurst house
brighton road
City: crawley west sussex
zip code: RH11 9GJ
Country: United Kingdom

And thats the number: +1 917-383-4293

ScammerRevolts maybe you roast this guy please? :smiley: it would be cool if we can do something against this guy. because i nearly fall in his trap it was close. And i roasted him abit because i found it out at the same the so XD just look the the screenshots i have lol