EBT SNAP (food stamps) SCAM

Scammer number:

Scammer website:
Any other scammer information: These disgusting scammers are now going after people who have to be on assistance… Our customers are coming in and they can’t afford food and when we look up their case we are seeing their cards were used at a Wal-Mart or Publix across the country… BLOW these people up and shut down their number.

Welcome to TSU. A most interesting first post, and I for one will be delighted to, as you so aptly put it, “blow these people up.”
I think I have an animated emoticon I found a few years ago with a little smiley guy using a flamethrower. I bet that’s what a lot of readers would like to do (figuratively, anyway) to those scammers. (Disclaimer: I am not “advocating violence.” I’m just sayin’. :grin:)