Edit the ICO icons on some malware setup files

So this is something I’ve done for awhile.

I’ll use some kind of voice changer to make myself sound like a young woman, not underage, just young.

Then I put a folder on the desktop of my VM named “My N*des” and it’s just a bunch of script and EXE files with edited ICO icons.

If it’s a guy on the other end of the line, they always fall for it and end up opening the malware on their own system.

Remember! most scammers are using hardware that’s over 10 years old, sometimes it’s beyond 15 years old. Which means you can use exploits that are that old too.

If they do have an antivirus, it’s never a good one that works well.

Be sure to have a good VPN on your host OS with the VPN killswitch set to the most agressive setting possible.

no bro most of them have windows 10/11
but an interesting idea haha

I’ve seen a few that still use 8 and 7, but those are getting to be fewer and fewer