Email scammer - Agent Gabriel Maxim

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Scammer email: [email protected]
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Sat 3/30/2024 3:02 AM

Your $10.5 million dollars ATM card.

Attention! my name is diplomat agent Gabriel Maxim, the United Nations agent from the United Kingdom who was assigned by the United Nations to deliver your package to you, this email is to inform you that I have arrive Buffalo Niagara International Airport New York USA with the ATM card of Ten Million Five Hundred Thousand Dollars ($10,500,000.00 USD). before final delivery to your doorstep, to avoid some mistakes or wrong delivery, you have to quickly reconfirm your full info. such as listed below.

Full Name…
Home Address…
Phone Number

Thank you
Agent Gabriel Maxim


Who would’ve guessed Lagos nigeria of course he’s from there


He wants payment via walmart to walmart (I’ve never heard of this) he sent me this Name:: Gabriel Lando dos Santos
city::: New York
Country:: United States
I’m not sure how walmart to walmart payment works but it is the name he is going by at least the Gabriel part he also does western union or money gram and RIA money transfer doesnt seem to pay too much attention to details very much focusing on the script as it took him nearly 30 minutes to figure out I asked if he’s from newyork (obviously from lagos nigeria) havent gotten him on the phone yet though he’ll probably avoid that

Those services have pretty good KYC procedures. If you can’t answer questions about the person they won’t send the money. You can use that to string him along.

I just confronted him mainly because he just was an absolute idiot I can totally string him along again with other accounts

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He wants to do bank to bank transfer now

Awesome. Now you can get a bank account to report. Take it from him, report the account, ghost him for an hour, tell him the bank wouldn’t let you wire it, ask for a new account. Wash, rinse, repeat.

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Whoa its a Varo bank account never heard of this bank

Seems like some kind of online only bank. You have to have an app to access it.

They do have a number and email so maybe I can contact them through that I’ll note down the account either way

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He gave me a Zelle for the same person on the Varo but I also got an email to it should I try to email it?

The scammer may have access to the victim email, so i would not email that. Email the bank, though.

(479) 339-1068 Number he is using

This is crazy the same lady but now western union he wants me to send it to a pharmacy

The scammer has a lot of control over this mule. He has probably given you enough to get the local police involved. If he’s sending you a pharmacy, did he give you an address?

Yeah 713 W main st New Britain CT 06053, USA

You can probably contact the New Britian Police, but they might want the victim address. Tell the scammer that you need a residential address to send via western union.

So he gave me an address to a resident however the original mule entirely different we went from Connecticut to California but it is a residential address

Interesting. Well you can report to the local police in California too.

Police contacted and scammer ghosted that’s two mules Gabriel Maxim memed on