Facebook Grant Scammer: Dens Quirino ((539) 999-4244) [email protected]

I’ve been messing with this Facebook scammer calling himself Dens Quirino. He is quite persistent and hasn’t given up on me even though I’ve been pulling his chain for years. I guess I’m his white whale.

We have been going back and forth about me getting a free toaster from Walmart worth $500) in exchange for applying for his scholarship/microfinance scam. He wants me to wire him thousands of dollars as an application fee for the promised funds. Every couple of months I answer. And I keep reporting his fake accounts so they are deleted which sets him back for only a short time.

I’m bored now.

If anyone would like to take over wasting his time and reporting his fake accounts reply and I’ll provide you with the free toaster flyer and some of the fake docs and names I’ve given to keep him hooked. He even gave me his bank info to send him funds.

Here is his contact info.

Email: [email protected]
Facebook Messenger: Dens Quirino.
Text Number: (539) 999-4244

Note he uses the same fake picture every time.

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Did an IP logger link tracking and found this loser is in Nigeria.

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Here is the map view. He is operating either in Lagos or Victoria Island

I couldn’t get him to reply to me, maybe he’s napping :man_shrugging:t2:

His info has been shared on other scammer watch sites. I hit him really hard over the last few days with texts and spam emails.

He stopped responding, probably laying low but eventually he will pop up again when the dust settles.

Next person who baits him, please send something nasty to him. He hacked several of my friends Facebook account last year. I shut down most of his pages but he keeps coming back.

He was using this service but it seems he has dropped the number