Fake Bank Of America Scam [Number-Removed]

So I got a missed call from this number [Number-Removed] but I did not hear form anyone it was just a robot talking but when I looked up Bank Of America on Google There list of phone numbers came up which are [Number-Removed] this number is there customer service number also the next number Is Tech Support which is [Number-Removed] and the last number on Google is Credit Card Support [Number-Removed]. So it does say welcome to Bank Of America but that could have been copied but none of these 3 numbers match the number I called plus I did not get a voicemail so this could be a scam not sure.

I just called the real contact number of BOA [Number-Removed] that can be found here:: Bank of America Mobile Banking Customer Service & Contact Numbers to report that number [Number-Removed] but they told me it’s a real contact number of BOA Credit/Debit Card Customer Service.

In case someone else received emails or anything you think which is #fake, send a copy to [email protected]