Fake Credit Card Creation

Hey, just figured I’d let you know you can use Privacy.com to make “fake” credit cards (They’re real credit cards, be sure to set the limit to $3 and press the pause button to ensure you don’t get charged) you can lock to vendors. I create cards and immediately lock them and then you can “Give them your credit card info” Happy Scambaiting. (Does require you information to get access to the service but it’s not reflected/accessible through the cards)


Well, these aren’t fake credit cards but cards you can create and set a limit on and then deleted when need be. So if you use this service to mess with scammers make sure they can’t access a good chunk of change.


Does require you give your real information to privacy.com and there are restrictions


True but they’re lockable cards, I have all mine paused, and you can use any name and address on them