Fake Marriott hotel "Three free vacations!" scam for the low price of 499.99

1 866 250 1583

These people are calling me upwards of 3 times a day, different number each time, and I am having a lot of fun with them. They are pretty horrible, and when I call them out they have no problem cussing me like a dog. I have called Marriott themselves and explained the situation. They told me it was a scam, not to give them any info.

So after a few more phone calls, I got a really over-smart female that told me about the operation (half assed, albeit). She informed me that “We are not even in the states, so call the BBB, call the police, we don’t care. Put it on face book, we will just get a new number. I’m going to enjoy my coffee and have a good night,”

So, I called with a few different google voice numbers, and found out more information from a really low energy jerk guy who asked what party I voted for, told me anti-Semitic jokes, and did his best to assert alpha male dominance over me (a grown man) by insisting I live in my mom’s basement and my name is “Gay”. Not as a descriptor, but that it is literally the word “Gay.”

Horrible people, horrible scam. I have a lot of fun each day getting all the way to the credit card information portion and changing a few digits and listening to them explode in anger after they spend 15 minutes on the pitch. Please, have some fun with them. Hindi works well too.

p.s. they are quick to block with a “this number you have dialed is not in service, please try again.” Change numbers and it goes straight through!