Fake Microsoft Refund 1-202-900-2814

They say I am getting a $399.99 refund for fake service there was a cyber attack and most service got stop running on my computer lol. Windows key and R, he wants me to type in MSCONFIG. Lol how he is telling me how to fix the stoped services lol. Which obv MSCONFIG stopped services are fine. Now he wants me to open windows key and r again then he brings me any desk which will not work. Then he took me here https://techboor.screenconnect.com/ This website is connect wise with a code. At this point we got disconnect and he called me off an unknown number. Scammer rant clip for making scammers mad - YouTube did the rant and he just went hard on me I was dying laughing just play this video and this other scammer came on lol. Then. he hung up lol.

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I called the number back its down bc I call flooded them. Also ran a rat and killed all there computers.

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Hey Bcurry im curious how do you manage to get these numbers?

I get these numbers from watching videos from other people but mostly just when they call me. Then as I am talking to them I am on this computer telling everyone step by step what they are doing so u are prepared for the call.