Fake Refund 1-877-951-9501

I got a voicemail from this number its active the company called it Geeks America Jerry Wilson picked up the phone he says this is my refund of $249.99, they are switching from USA to United Kingdom. They use team viewer. He is giving me his id so I am going to rat them and call flood them. I had to say my fake phone number 10 times lol. Partner id is 1 082 564 564 and password is 2957. Ha I got on and disabled and then they got on and yeah hang up so I would not able to do anything. But have fun.

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Just called em, scumbags are def still very active

Here is another number they use - (727) 500-5352

Edit: here is their ip address -

I just tried to call that second number and it goes to a voicemail for a text now subscriber so I am going to the regular number again and see if I can do more damage. Ok Regular number still works 1-877-951-9501. Now he says I am getting a refund of $400 lol. Due to some stock marketing problems lol they are going out of business lol. I got transferred to Alex Wontson. Now he is taking me to any desk website. So I gave he my address and he could not connect and then he hung up lol so the first number I posted is still active but the other went to a voicemail.

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I got a video going up in 2 days, I put a syskey on 2 of their computers and also removed some files, set the windows users password, and got some other info lol.

I used google maps to locate the latitude and longitude coordinates given by ipfingerprints when searching for their location. It showed me a race course. I looked in that vicinity for a tech support company and found one with the worst ratings possible. (Accenture Tech Support) This might be their company.

Thanks!Their name is Vijay Menezes