Fake Tech Support Need Updated Services 1-888-708-3222

The scammer sounds really familiar either from one of your videos or Leo’s videos. He first tells me his script then he tells me to go hh Microsoft then he makes me go to jump to URL and takes me to helpmeet.net So now I am just wasting his time obv fast support does not work on my VM. Lol then he tried taking me to 1234computuer.com and I told him it was not secure. Then he took me to anydesk lol still does not work and now he needing help lol I heard talking behind him. Then he tried so hard to defend himself and failed I wish I got his name but then he said I was scamming him I was like how am I scamming you?? He could not even answer my question he just talking so I kept asking him and he just changed the subject lol. But have fun these guys are fucking idiots.

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I just tried to call back and he just rings. So either there number is changed or I took it down lol.

Number seems to be dead now.