First Scambait

Just finished a thirty minute long conversation with a Mr John Wilson from “Microsoft Tech Support” about hackers on my PC. Been watching a lot of scambait videos as of late and thought I would drop the number in here. This was the first time I’ve ever even picked up a call from these kind of people and had no idea what I was doing. It was on my private number so I won’t be doing it regularly but I guess every little number helps? Maybe? Please do tell me if I’ve done something incorrectly or if there’s something else I can do in the future. I’m technologically inept but not vague enough to fall for this kind of thing so don’t worry. I won’t be doing this on the regular either, only stalling the scammers if they do end up calling me. But not sure about that either. Will that be dangerous on my private number? Either way, here is Mr John Wilsons number. Or at least whoever is pretending to be him.

+45 25 34 09 98

Further info: I live in Denmark so the number is a Danish one. I don’t know if this isn’t allowed on here or if there are any Danish/European people who can do a better job than I could. But I thought I’d give it a shot :slight_smile:

Ps. I am also new to this Forum so if this is categorized wrongly, please let me known and I’ll remove/move it to the proper place.


You should not use your personal number at all if its private there are higher chances that they wont answer because it might fill them with fear. Dont worry practice makes perfect

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