Friend randomly got a text from this Facebook scam number

+1 740-760-0239

“Mark Zuckerberg” messaged my friend saying she won a prize from Facebook, then proceeded to send her a fake ID of Zuck. (It’s actually the first image that comes up on Google when searching “Mark Zuckerberg ID”)

I messaged the number, and to my surprise, they answered. We discussed the prize, he sent me poorly photoshopped images of “winners” thanking Mark for their prize. He said I need to pay the $400 shipping fee with Amazon gift cards. He called me, where I revealed I’m 13 and I need to use my mom’s credit card to buy the cards since she isn’t home. He told me to go to Walmart to buy the cards, but I said it’s far and I have a hurt ankle and I can’t drive. He kept insisting I go to Walmart and use my mom’s CC to buy the Amazon gift cards.

Please spam the hell out of him. Thanks!

Edit: Here’s some of our text conversation. I can’t post it all cus I’m a new user.