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Fake service they are refunding: Geek Squad Anti-Malware membership
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We’ve got your order

Dear Valid User,
Congratulations! Your Geek Squad Anti-Malware membership for the next five years has been successfully renewed and activated. We prioritize your safety and are proud to have served over 2 million satisfied customers this month, including you. Your satisfaction is our top priority. This message is regarding the renewal of your membership, set for 2023-09-06. A charge of $460.60 will be applied for the next 5 years, unless you decide to cancel. For queries: call +1(888) 656-2078


Transaction Date:- 2023-09-06
Customer UID:- 0307019
Invoice ID:- 557K60GN
Transaction ID:- K60GN557

Renewal Item:- Geek Squad AntiVirus
Quantity:- 1 Devices
Service:- 5 Years Full Warranty
Plan Charges:- $460.60

Take advantage of our special low-price one-time renewal offer for your Geek Squad membership and enjoy continued protection for the next five years. Call us - +1(888) 656-2078

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got a second email from the same scammers but the email is a bit better then the last one above… oh no there learning

Transaction ID: E05HM189
Support:- +1(888) 656-2078

Order Summary

Dear Valid User,
Thank you for subscribing Geek Squad Secured for your computer protection for the past 5 years. Just a friendly reminder, your membership with automatic renewal will be charged at $405.05 on 2023-09-06. Call +1(888) 656-2078 for details.

Membership UID:- E05HM189
Client Relationship UID: - 6065306

Service: - Geek Squad Secured Tech Support
Order ID: - 189E05HM
Renewal Date: - 2023-09-06
Item Price: - $405.05
Support: - 5 Years

No action required if you wish to maintain your current plan. Your billing details are up to date. If you have made any changes, we’re here to help you out.

If you have any query, please call our 24-Hour Call Center at +1(888) 656-2078

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