Geek Squad Scammer number 1(818) 5.3.8-

Scammer number: 1818) 538-3362.
Scammer website: N/A
Fake service they are refunding: Geek Squad Membership
Any other scammer information:
Body of email.

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Dear Customer,

Based on the digital signature that you submitted when the software initially installed, the Premium Plus Plan has been automatically applied to your application

Your bank statement will show the charge:

                           Our Customer Support:+1(818) 5.3.8-

Payment Information

Ordered item(s) Unit Price Total
GeekSquad Premium
( 5 PC Support, ) 349.99 USD 349.99 USD
Sales Tax / VAT 00.00 USD
Grand Total 349.99 USD

Your Bank Card (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) has been successfully authorized. The charge on your bank statement will appear as GeekSquad.

Terms & Conditions:_

We send you this email to inform you that your service has expired and your subscription has been renewed today. so, you have been charged $349.99 for Geek Squad protection. Amount has been auto debited from your Bank Account and it will reflect into your bank account statement within 24 hours.

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