Geek squad subscription charge | (808) 649-2719

Scammer number: (808) 649-2719
Scammer website: none
Fake service they are refunding: Geek quad subscription charge for antivirus
Any other scammer information:

Source: (808) 649-2719 FAKE GEEK SQUAD


Oh baby, tits on D. I’m into his machine. Gonna try to emulate U! He’s effing real dumb though.


Da phone # now just hangs up. So sad, can’t leave no more non-messages message eeech and every time I call,

eeech and every scam baiter should follow your lead. This site allows the rest of us to keep adding salt to the modder chodes wounds.

Just picked up for me 11:23am 9/13

Wasted their time for like 5 minutes, asked them if “Ben Chode” works there then he flipped out and started cursing at me in hindi.


Welcome aboard KFC! We like when they get pissed off. :clap:

Oh another one, iono y they got so many 8089999184

Call back # :]

(408) 869-6849