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Order date- Friday, 15 March 2024 CST 09:03
Order receipt- VHT4855AP81426DM

Renew activation of Geek Squad Protection for the next 5 Years has been ordered
Thank you for remaining a part of our Geek Squad Protection family. Geek Squad
Protection holds a very strong reputation in the industry and as a goodwill gesture, we
are not willing to charge our customers this year for their auto-renewal.
Money will be deducted for the services from your account within the next 12 working
hours or it will be appeared on your next service bill.
Confirmation: We’ve received your membership.
Product Details
Product No- KHOW-5623-BUPF-4636
Product Name- Geek Squad Security
Service- 5 Years
Renewal Cost- USD 642.48

If you want to discard the order pleasecontact our cancellation department

immediately and get back fully refunded.


For any billing questions or if you want to CANCEL the membership, Please contact us
at any of the following number.
This email is being sent by Geek Squad Inc, as you have subscribed to our services.

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