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Fake service they are refunding: Geek Squad
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Annual Subscription Reactivated!

Thank you for choosing our PC Secure services again.

You are receiving this email because you have subscribed for pc care and network protection annual plan.

We have restored your annual subscription as you opted for automatic renewal at the time of registration last year.

The updated bank account successfully processed the yearly fee of $ 389.95, this charge will soon show up on the bill.

For support and queries, please contact us at # +1 (833) 730-4634.

Customer ID: 293009-13306
Advanced GEEK Squad Protection
Renewal Date: May, 19, 2023
Order Total: $ 389.95

This is an annual recurring fee which will be debited every year (automatic debit) unless you choose to unsubscribe or stop the auto debit.

Please be informed, if you wish to cancel the subscription and get the full refund, please reach out to us immediately to avoid transactional disputes.

Best regards,

Esme Davidson
Accounts & Billing Team Head
Toll-free #+1 (833) 730-4634

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