GeekSquad Secure Protection order refund scam using google groups.

Scammer number: (877) 808-1421
Scammer email: Sent through google groups called “Help Desk” [email protected]
Any other scammer information:

Looks like a semi sophisticated scammer using google groups to set things up and setting a MailChimp link to “unsubscribe” from their junk. I would assume they are wanting to have people call in to cancel and perform a “refund” for the transaction. Full email included below.

Transaction ID:- Y174-LX602-YLX260
Support line:- +1(877) 808-1421

We’ve got your order

Dear Customer,
Exciting news! Your Geek Squad Secured Protection membership has been renewed for a 5-year duration, starting from 2023-09-05, at a cost of $460.60. We greatly appreciate your ongoing membership. Please note that your membership will automatically renew every 5 years unless you disable it at least 48 hours before the end of the membership period. If you wish to cancel your membership, please reach out to us using the provided contact information below.

Item Description:
Account:- Geek Squad Secured Protection
Customer ID:- LX099278319
Tenure:- 5 Year
Payment Mode:- Auto Debit
Renewal Amount:- $460.60

Important notice: This email is auto-generated. Please avoid replying to this email, as the inbox is not monitored. For assistance, please call us at +1(877) 808-1421

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