Google Voice alternatives?

Hi, im new to this and i live in the UK and google voice isn’t available apparently?
I was wondering if there are any free alternatives to google voice!

Thanks :):

Hello! Welcome!

I don’t know of to many alternatives other than something like Skype credit or FireRTC both of these however have their disadvantages. You may be able to get around Google’s restriction by using a VPN. I’d give that a go and report back! (Only downside, if you plan on calling numbers outside the US or Canada, you will need credit.)

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try x-lite i have yet to get it working but I know its possible (setting are insane but it is possible)

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Textfree or Textfree voice is really good. Lets you pick an area code, and a free phone number. It says it limits your minutes, but I do not think it does. I’ve called quite a few scammers and my minutes haven’t gone down.