Has anyone else been able to have an honest discussion with a scammer?

I just started watching these ‘scam-the-scammer’ videos and created a setup to get started. I was just messing around on a fake Twitter account tonight and of course got a bunch of fake accounts following me and starting random discussions. One of them found the fake Gmail account I used to setup the account and started trying a scam me over Google Hangouts. It was a brand new account with an easily traceable profile picture from Google images.

After a few minutes of playing around with them, I just wanted them to go away 'cause I was more interested in tech scams so I just told the guy that his scam was obvious and publicly responded to his Tweets warning of his scams. I quickly explained on Hangouts how it was so obvious asked him if people really fall for it.

To my amazement, the guy completely opened up to me, he admitted his guilt and started telling me how he fell into it. I deleted my tweets to gain his trust and he started telling me everything; his name, where he lived, his financial situation and about his family. He sent me pictures of other scammers around the area driving Bentleys and Porsches, boasting about their wealth online and how he wanted to be like them. I chatted with the guy for a few hours while he swept the dirt floor of a rented, shared room and it was absolutely nuts.

I’ve only seen something like this happen in one Kitboga video but it didn’t lead anywhere in that case. Trust me, I’m not sympathetic to these scumbags but I’m curious if anyone else has gotten to this point with these guys.

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You could ask a thousand scammers to stop and talk to you after you do the reveal. Most just swear at you in hindi or tell you you’re stupid or scammed them. You may get that one scammer who tells you his “story” but even then don’t be sucked into it. Some will run the long con on you.


I remember asking a tech support scammer to answer my question honestly about why he was scamming people. And he told me," because they are stupid". Basically saying he can because people don’t know better. Some of them just dont care on what they do. And it makes me sick. But after an hour or so, the phone lines died because I kept calling them and spamming.

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I’ve never personally seen a scammer honestly “open up”. I’ve seen streamers or scambaiters try to make them explain why. I think it just comes down to easier money for them. Which is sad that they make an easy income doing this, and they probably ask themselves,
“why do honest work when this is easier.”

Still disgusting they do what they do.