Help with multiple remote access clients running on mom's computer

Hi everyone. I’ve just started watching your YouTube videos and was going to contact you for another reason, but this morning my mother called. She had a problem with AOL and she google’d “ help”. They found the phone number 888-785-0222 online and called them. They couldn’t explain technically everything they did. I’m an IT professional and I’ve told her she can call me for any computer/network issues she has, but she refuses to and calls out Best Buy’s Geek Squad, and tries to find help online for themselves.

I told her I would look at their system.

I had her install SplashTop Streamer, and found they had installed ALL of these clients:


FYI… She’s on a Mac.

I would like someone’s help in finding out where these clients came from. I’m installing ESET on her system now and running an in-depth scan.

I have found log files for some of the apps, and don’t want to delete them until I collect all the relevant information.

Can anyone help?