Hide VMware tools

Hello everybody,
I have just been following Jim Browning’s Video on how to spoof my vm.
I have a windows 8.1 vm machine and everything worked until the point were I couldn’t hide my VMware tools on my programs and features list, the regedit he linked in his video doesn’t work, any idea why? thanks

My assumption is that VMware updated their tool and now the regedit values dont exist anymore. One method I was able to do was rename it using CCleaner (Still had the same icon) to something like Visual Modifier. Another method is to just disable access to control panel. I’ll probably make a more in depth video later.

Ah yes unfortunately that was the same with me, I think the reg edit has gone wrong somewhere in the stealth edit, I’m sure @Steve will be most glad to help. Here it is: MEGA. Enjoy!

I actually made a video on how to hide it.

Great thank you. I’ll check it out and try it

This sums it up very well. If you still have problems to hide VMWare Tools, you can always choose to deinstall it. Some things may not work anymore such as host to guest drag&drop or your screen resolution may be really bad; nevertheless it should be enough to bait scammers.

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