Hiding the Fact

Is there aw way I can hide my VM looking like a real PC not a VM I asked this a while ago I didn’t get any straight answers

You can check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TM45vNI4Qc it is not my video

and there is a tool called vBoxsysmodinfo you can get it from github .com https://github.com/JayMontana36/vBoxSysInfoMod
you have to run the .bat file on your computer. But it is for VirtualBox

You can try this out: How to make a VMware Virtual Machine match host system info

Gonna stay away from batch file, btw next time you talk about batch files dont say .bat. not gonna trust anything like that on my actual pc

Before you run it you can look at it. By right clicking it and hit edit.

I know but in the first place this isnt my computer

I dont have a vmx file on myn

a VMX file is on VMware

If it’s not your computer, I would suggest not using it to scambait at all.
If you haven’t the means to get your own machine, you probably don’t have the means to replace/repair someone else’s if something goes haywire.

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my point is that I shouldnt trust things like that