How to access scammers pc without them knowing?

Hello there everyone,
I have recently accessed some scammers PC through Anydesk. But the problem is that this only works with refund scammers, and even some of them refuse to use Anydesk. One of them even told me: “You wanna syskey me”. Thus, they’ve become way more conscious than before. But I have seen some youtubers accessing refund and even tech support scammers PC regardless of the remote control software they use. Scammers won’t even notice if someone is accessing their PC.
So, I’d really like to know how those youtubers access those scammers PC without them noticing.

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What you’re normally seeing is that they’ve managed to get a remote access trojan onto the scammer’s PC somehow.

Hypothetically, if you did want to try and get malware of some kind onto a scammer’s PC (and I’m not recommending you do BTW - it’s illegal) then you’ve got a couple of options. If you leave a file on your desktop called something like carddetails.txt.exe then there’s always a chance they’ll grab it and open it up. The other option is to try and use Anydesk or Teamviewer to upload a file to their machine. If you do a search on Google video for something like “scammer revolts MEMZ” then you should be able to see how it’s done.

Oh thank you very much I really appreciate it
Do you know any trojan which I can use to access scammers PC?

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