How to fix BIOS line? and can I run a VM on Mac?

This video explains the issue I’m having:

I need help disguising the BIOS line on my virtual machine. I’ve disguised all the other spots, but I can’t figure out how to fix this one. Also, is it possible to run a virtual machine on a Mac? Currently I just go through bootcamp to set up VMware, but it makes the beginnings of my scambait calls clunky and suspicious and so I’d rather just run my VM on the Mac side. Thanks.

Ok. So its always a good idea to have the scam baiting system isolated from your main network and computer. So run it on a “internal network” if you can.

VirtualBox can run on a Mac -

and to fix your BIOS problem, i believe you are looking for Jim and his stealthy bios fix -

or for VirtualBox


Also its a good idea to have a skim through previous posts:

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Oh and anything that the Batch file above (for virtualbox) doesnt fix, just do some regedit find and replace. Run the usual “msinfo32” and “systeminfo” find those strings and replace them via regedit. My new Scam bait system apparently has a AMD 1080Ti Titan LOLZ

We already have a post on this, please check the forum next time before you ask. How to make a VMware Virtual Machine match host system info