How to get scammers to use TeamViewer or Anydesk instead of Logmein Rescue

Hello there everyone
I have recently begun my scambaiting journey, and so far, I have called 5 five scammers. All of them were using Logmein Rescue to access my computer. I would really like to delete these scammers files or put a syskey on their pcs but the problem is that Logmein Rescue cannot be used in reverse
So can I get them to use either TeamViewer or Anydesk?
If not, can I delete their files or syskey them using Logmein Rescue
Thanks in advance

If it is a refund scam tell them that the antivirus guys installed anydesk or teamviewer in your pc, if not tell them the website does not work or that there is a problem so that they are forced to use teamviewer or anydesk.


Thanks, I will give that a try.

Well I guess I’ll tell them that Logmein is blocked in my country.
My country is known for blocking random websites. No wonder if Logmein Rescue is one of them

if they use anything that i dont like, what i do is just say “oh the id is a - (dash)” and that i dont see the id. then i say something like why is it so complicated last time they just put a program called anydesk, and it was so easy. they say something like “you have anydesk on your computer?” then just say yes, and they will use anydesk, ez


Good one Lol
BUut honestly Anydesk is way more complicated than Logmein Rescue. I would definitely sound like a fool if I said that

true, it works 50% of the time

They really prefer fools, as long as the foolishness doesn’t get in the way of you sending money.

it works 50% of the time, every time! </Anchorman reference>

Well what I was meaning by fool is that: “Oh, this guy thinks he can turn the tables and scam us instead”

How long does the free trial for Logmein Rescue last?

After going through the exercise of downloading and starting the app, say there is a pop up that says the free trial has expired and it needs an activation key.

Does Logmein Rescue have a trial?